• Cape Seal – Project Sheet

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    Cape Seals

    A cape seal is a combination of a single spray seal application followed by slurry seal or micro-surfacing. The slurry or micro-surfacing application helps fill the voids between the aggregate. The slurry bonds the aggregate to prevents loss, while the aggregate prevent undue traffic abrasion of the slurry. Cape seals are often used because of the aesthetics of the finished surface. Inverted cape seals are often used as a rut filler followed by a single aggregate application for an economical solution to wheel path pavement deformation.


  • Slurry Seal / Microsurfacing in QLD

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    Colas Solutions are a slurry surfacing / microsurfacing business based in Queensland that service clients throughout Australia. Our recent projects have provided much needed rut correction to existing pavements ensuring a smoother ride for the travelling public. The use of slurry has increased over the past couple of years as asset owners look at alternative ways to stretch the budget whilst ensuring a suitable surface.

  • Cape Seal in QLD

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    Colas Solutions are working on a Cape Seal project which is the application of a sprayed seal followed by a Microsurfacing layer. Cape seals have been around for many years and as the name suggests they were developed and first used in the Cape Province of South Africa. They are constructed by applying a single/single seal to the pavement followed by a Microsurfacing that can either partially fill the void space between the bitumen and the top of the aggregate, or completely cover the top of the aggregate. This is achieved by either a single or double application of Microsurfacing.

  • Microsurfacing – Roads Brochure

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    Colas worldwide has years of experience and expertise in repairing, protecting and extending the usable lifespan of infrastructure roads, footways and other surfaces. Colas Solutions Australia have recently invested in the latest technology, expertise, process & equipment to meet the needs of a rapidly growing market in Australia. This has cumulated into performing superbly on several major contracts across the country, including Main Roads, town streets, Cul-de-Sacs & runways.

    Colmat for footpaths & carriagways brochure

  • Microsurfacing – Airfields Brochure

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    We are please to release our new Microsurfacing brochure for airfields.

    “Colmat” is the product name of the Colas Solutions advanced Polymer Modified Microsurfacing systems. Microsurfacing is a generic term used for proprietary Slurry surfacing products. Colas worldwide are highly experienced in designing & applying various Colmat treatments to suit individual runways & taxiways. Colas UK technical have been instrumental in co-designing an approved specification for runways & taxiways in conjunction with the Defense Infrastructure Organization in the UK. Colas Solutions have now introduced this process, along with a wealth of experience into Australia, in order to provide environmentally friendly, less disruptive, competitive alternatives to conventional treatments.

    Colmat for Airfields brochure

  • Microsurfacing Projects – Corrects Rutting Issues

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