FRM SealCoat, is a FAA Fuel Resistant, non-toxic, Low PAH bitumen based sealcoat that can be custom designed as a Spray Applied Aggregate Slurry.

What is FRM Sealcoat?

FRM SealCoat is a plural component, single package, reactive, high molecular weight polymer modified bitumen sealcoat. FRM SealCoat is designed to penetrate deep into pavement substrates where it permanently weather seals airport, street and highway apron surfaces. It may be applied as a mineral filled sealer through spray, broom, or squeegee and may be applied as an un-filled coating through high volume equipment.

Within as little as a few minutes after installation a tough but ductile, black satin surface permanently protects the underlying asphalt surface from tire wear, sun degradation and moisture. The high molecular weight and high softening point of this material prevent tracking or displacements by rolling traffic in the heat of the day.

FRM SealCoat is filled with an engineered hydrocarbon additive, which is provided as an emulsified, high molecular weight thermoplastic. It exhibits a high softening point, good low temperature ductility and excellent hydrolytic stability; as well as superior adhesion to moist mineral surfaces.


  • Jet fuel (Jet A thru JP-8) and Motor Vehicle Oil/lube resistant.
  • Unique reactive chemicals attack natural metal oxides present in the exposed aggregate surface.
  • Chemical resistance, rate of cure, final surface hardness and skid characteristics can be modified to meet local specifications.
  • May cure in less than twenty (20) minutes, in optimal conditions, to a track free surface.
  • Safe to handle and store.
  • Near zero VOC; and odourless.
  • High temperature, tire scuff resistant to power steering abuse.
  • Easy clean up with water.
  • Cured container residue safe for municipal landfill.

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