• Flowell – Now available in Australia

    21/12/2023 | by
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    Flowell is now in Australia. It is a dynamic horizontal road sign that promotes increased vigilance and calmer user behaviour. It allows users to coexist more harmoniously in the city and on the road. To promote the safety of each user, the illumination of the marking, whatever its form, makes it possible to convey the right message to the right users at the right time.

    Flowell works 24 hours a day and greatly improves the visibility and legibility of the markings at night and on overcast days. Flowell is also visible during the day thanks to the contrast provided by the black panel in the off mode and the luminous flux of the LED in the on mode. This leads to a good adherence and understanding of the system by users, with in particular better respect for markings and signage, an awakening of the vigilance of users and a reduction in dangerous behavior.
    Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation at COLAS. 

  • Roads & Infrastructure Magazine

    16/09/2022 | by
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    COLAS Solutions was featured in the September issue of Roads & Infrastructure magazine.


    05/11/2020 | by

    COLAS Australia is taking legal action against a company that is unlawfully using the Colas name and claims to offer similar services.

    Upon discovering “Colas Road Surfacing” (ABN: 34643650677), COLAS Australia immediately initiated legal proceedings, as it has no connection with the company, and is alerting relevant authorities.

    COLAS Australia urges customers and the public to be vigilant for companies that impersonate legitimate operators and to always check they are working with reputable organisations.

    Unscrupulous operators are the scourge of the road building industry and shoddy work can put lives at risk as well as leaving customers out of pocket.

    If you have any queries regarding this matter, please contact our head office on 02 9624 0100.

  • Crack Sealing Video

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    Colas Solutions was recently awarded the contract to supply and apply crack sealing pavement maintenance treatments around Parliament House in Canberra. Works were completed using SAMIfilla HM, which is a specially formulated hot applied rubberised bituminous material. 

    Crack sealing a pavement is a cost effect way to prolong a pavements life which will save money in the long run as the cost of replacement can be 20 – 30 times more expensive than a single maintenance procedure. Left untreated, cracks allow water into and beneath the base which leads to pavement failure.

    Water is the number one enemy of asphalt and as asphalt is naturally porous; left unsealed, water will penetrate through the pores and cracks and disturb the base – eventually leading to failure of the pavement.

  • Kart Club Race Track Upgrade

    29/11/2019 | by
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    The  Colas Solutions team was recently involved in upgrading the Bundaberg Kart Clubs race track by first sealing all of the cracks with a hot melt crack sealing material and then sealing the entire track with SRS SealCoat. The track now has an as new look and will be protected for a number of years from oxidation and UV damage as well as helping to prevent water intrusion. If you have a similar track and want a quote, then please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 07 3081 4385




  • IPWEA Queensland Conference 2019

    12/09/2019 | by
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    Rob Minchinton from Colas will be representing Colas Solutions at the IPWEA Queensland state conference in a few weeks time. Make sure you drop by the exhibition stand and say hello to Rob.

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