Elastomeric compound. Polymer modified. 100% water tight seal.
Traffic ready in 20 minutes. Multi-use for asphalt and concrete.

Technology Breakthrough

Now for the first time, Industry professionals can get contractor type results in 3 easy steps using 3 tools. CRACKSTIX are available in two standard sizes, small 6 to 12mm and medium 12 to 25mm in diameter. They are User Friendly & Ready-To-Use: no mixing, nothing to add, just uncoil, cut to length, pack and heat.

CRACKSTIX are flexible & can be stretched & shaped to custom fit the repair. The rubberized compound melts/liquefies instantly & cures quickly. The self levelling sealant goes inside the crack.. not over the crack.. less waste, no tracking or unsightly residue. The multi-use formula can be used on asphalt & concrete pavements and is available in black and grey.

Why HOT, Direct HEAT Process?

In the past, most contractors have had no choice but to use cold pour or caulking type fillers. Cold applied products fill from the bottom up and do not permanently bond/seal to the crack sidewalls.

CRACKSTIX are hot applied, using a direct heat process. CRACKSTIX form a permanent bond to the sidewalls of the crack or joint and provides a (liquid rubber) 100% water tight seal. This seal will remain flexible & intact through the winter and summer expansion/contraction cycles.

3 Easy Steps …

Clean it… take a screwdriver & scratch out all debris from inside the crack, then take a whisk broom & sweep it clean. Crack must be dry.

Pack it… uncoil & cut the appropriate size & shape/pack in to crack with fingertip pressure. Using the screwdriver, press the stix into crack approximately 1.5mm to 3mm below actual pavement surface level. To achieve a neat overall appearance, do not overfill crack. The material seals In It… Not On It.

Melt It… take propane torch and light it. Adjust bright blue part of flame to 300mm long. Holding the flame 25mm – 40mm from stix, move the flame from side to side in a slow & even motion, heating no more than 300mm at a time (melt stick until liquid).

Multi Use Formula…Professional Results…

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